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Rainwater harvesting, grey water re-use and natural filtration

Tia Nuru collects rainwater, which means we are able to have sufficient water stored for use during dry-periods and cut-offs from the municipality supply.

Water for home use is filtered using a bone filter system that ensures that it is free from pathogens and Fluoride, as water in our region has a high level of Fluoride which is harmful to bone health.

All waste-water from the Moivaro house is re-used in our farm. Grey water from the kitchen and the shower is channeled to our fruit and vegetable farm. A filtration system consisting of sand and gravel ensures the water is cleaned of debris and bacteria. The water is absorbed by roots of plants, which benefit from food nutrients in the water.

Tia Nuru provides consultation in the construction of rainwater collection systems, water filtration for home use, and the construction of wetlands to allow reuse of grey water.