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Organic farming and beekeeping

Tia Nuru encourages the use of farming methods that do not rely on pesticides or bought fertilizers because they have been proven to be non-beneficial to plants. They are detrimental to organisms such as worms and bees, which are important for ensuring healthy and viable plants in the long term. Un-regulated use of pesticides and fertilizers leads to contamination of food by chemicals, which may cause health problems to humans.

As an alternative, Tia Nuru relies on compost collected from kitchen and human waste, as well as animal manure, which is sourced from the families with livestock in the Moivaro community, to provide nutrition to plants. Over time we have devised natural ways of dealing with pests by means of rotation planting and mixed crop planting, and the use of natural pesticides such as Neem and Papaya leaves. Tia Nuru provides consultation in natural/organic farming to individuals and organizations to ensure healthy soils, healthy plants and healthy people.

Tia Nuru has acquired 6 stingless bee hives, which will produce honey to be used as food and medicine. We are currently working with consultants from Beekeeping Development Tanzania Ltd (BDTL) as we continue to acquire more knowledge in beekeeping.